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WUOT News Awards

Really, it's an honor just be nominated. WUOT's news department strives to present timely, accurate, interesting features that tell East Tennessee's stories in an engaging manner. At times that work is recognized by our peers in journalism, an honor unto itself. Here are the most recent journalism awards we've received from local and national organizations.

Edward R. Murrow Awards, Region Eight

Excellence in Writing, Small Market Radio: Five Guns

News Series, Small Market Radio: Five Guns

2016 East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists Golden Press Cards

Documentary/Public Affairs, Radio: Life in the Crosshairs: Inside East Tennessee's Addiction Crisis, Matt Shafer Powell and Jess Mador

Best News Anchor, Radio: Brandon Hollingsworth

2016 Public Radio News Directors, Inc.

Use of Sound, Division C: TV News History Kept at Vanderbilt, first place

Series, Division C: Truckbeat, second place