East Tennessee businesses are still adjusting to steel and aluminum tariffs – even as the Trump Administration gears up to tax more foreign imports.

Many local companies say the 25 percent tax on imported steel has driven up their own costs by 7 to 15 percent. But so far, those pressures have been offset by the thriving economy. Sometimes, the tariffs have even provided new opportunities.

Conversations about health care and health policy are, unsurprisingly, characterized by divisions common to the current political climate. But one area of common ground is care for those with pre-existing conditions.

Before the Affordable Care Act in 2010, pre-existing conditions were a barrier to health insurance, and by extension, securing good medical care.

Meet Knox County's First Diversity Development Manager

Oct 8, 2018

When new Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs entered office, it wasn't expected for him to add new government positions. But, seeing a need, he added an education liason and Diversity Development Manager to the county roster. Heading up the diversity role: Darris Upton. He's a Navy veteran who worked in a community relations role with the City of Knoxville’s Office of Neighborhoods.

I spoke to Mr. Upton about this new role, the resources he has available and what he hopes to accomplish in the position. 

Alias Grace at the Clarence Brown Theatre

Oct 5, 2018
Clarence Brown Theatre

Alias Grace tells the story of a young woman serving a life sentence for murders she says she doesn't remember committing. WUOT's Hannah Martin spoke with playwright Jennifer Blackmer about the task of bringing the tale to the stage.

Find more information about the performance - including dates and ticket prices - here.

Mental Health in Tennessee

Oct 3, 2018

According to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, more than 400,000 Tennesseans experienced a serious emotional disturbance or mental illness in 2017. The department also found therapy deserts in rural areas of the state, meaning that options for mental health treatment are limited. Similar problems exist for Tennessee's homeless population. In this October edition of Dialogue, WUOT's Hannah Martin speaks with Dr.