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  • One Health is an approach and an outlook for understanding and addressing contemporary health challenges. A One Health approach recognizes that health challenges have multiple interrelated causes, and interrelated interventions. This episode of HealthConnections examines how the arts and humanities can help us understand health challenges, and forge interventions with a focus on sustainability and environmental, planetary, human and animal well-being.
  • September is designated as National Suicide Prevention Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), suicide is the second leading cause of death among people ages 15 to 19. And for every person who dies by suicide, there are even more people among this age group who report serious thoughts about suicide, or have attempted suicide. Dr. Carol Meyers, a professor emeritus in the University of Tennessee College of Nursing, talks with Clark Flatt, president of the Jason Foundation, an organization dedicated to the prevention of the silent epidemic of youth suicide.
  • Dr. Carole Myers speaks with Dr. Shawn Hamm, a board-certified addiction medicine specialist affiliated with Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, on the drug Fentanyl, from addiction to overdose deaths related to the drug.
  • In October of 2022, representatives of the US Environmental Protection Agency visited the city of New Tazewell, Tennessee, to discuss updated information on Ethylene oxide, known as ETO. ETO is used to sterilize medical equipment, food, and various products and is a known carcinogen. The compound is emitted by a sterilization plant in New Tazewell, Tennessee, owned by DeRoyal Industries. WUOT’s Jacqui Sieber has the story.
  • The earlier in life a young person starts using alcohol or other drugs, the greater the lifetime risk of misuse and addiction. Therefore, prevention and early intervention are an absolute necessity. Besides the mandate to prevent the human tragedy of substance use disorder, addiction, and overdose deaths, prevention is a good economic investment. Dr. Carole Myers speaks with Dr. Laurie Meschke of the University of Tennessee Department of Public Health.
  • Antimicrobial resistance is considered to be a priority problem in global health and threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an increasing number of infections. Dr. Carole Myers of the University of Tennessee College of Nursing speaks with Dr. David White, Associate Dean for Research with the UT Institute of Agriculture and a veterinary scientist and microbiologist.
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