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The Sounds Global Show
Sundays at 5pm on WUOT-2 and 6pm on WUOT

The Sounds Global Show features traditional, modern and experimental music from around the world along with information about the artists, instruments, and the diverse music styles. The show is hosted by Katharine Emlen who hosted a world music show for 10 years on KRVM in Eugene, Oregon, and John Habel, was the beloved Improvisations host. Tune in Sundays at 5pm on WUOT-2 AND Sundays at 6pm on WUOT to hear a wonderful world of music. 

The inclusive quality of the term, "world music," makes defining it difficult.  On the Folk Radio website, Simon Holland writes:

In so many ways ‘world music’ is an unhelpful term, a convenient tag where lots of music is lumped into one polyglot category that offers no explanation of the variety involved. Yet without it, it’s doubtful that this review would be being written. There’s also the sense of the fusion, which liberates the music from some of its geographical boundaries, whilst paradoxically drawing on specific roots and traditional music forms. Whilst it might be overly fanciful to suggest that such fusions then belong to the wider world, it at least speaks of the common language of music that we share and our experience of it is as much shared as it is exclusive.