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Benefits of Corporate Support

Branding at its Best
WUOT Corporate Support allows you to send your message clearly, without clutter, to one of the most educated and affluent audiences anywhere in media today.

Extensive Reach
WUOT reaches a population of over 680,000 throughout East Tennessee. Your message will be heard by a highly targeted audience that can be difficult to reach through conventional commercial media.

Positive Corporate Imaging/Association
WUOT can help your organization build a positive image. Corporate Support demonstrates good corporate citizenship and goodwill.

  1. 70% of public radio listeners say they are more likely to buy or use the goods and services of a company that supports public radio than those of a company that does not.
  2. 80% of public radio listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they know the company supports public radio, in part because they believe companies that fund public radio do so because they want to make a charitable contribution to the public interest.

Many businesses and nonprofit organizations reach their target audiences through corporate support of WUOT. See who they are.

Email corporatesupport@wuot.org or call 865-974-1547 for more information.