The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and members from Nief-Norf will present a concert on Thursday, November 21st and Friday, November 22nd at 7:30pm. "The Art of Rhythm" is the theme and the audience will be treated to the rare opportunity to hear a percussion concerto which will be performed by percussionists Andy Bliss and Mike Truesdale, both members of the Knoxville-based contemporary music ensemble, Nief-Norf. Israeli-born composer, Avner Dorman's Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! is a "feast for the senses", says music director, Aram Demirjian.

Scott Groller

Kerry O'Brien and Andy Bliss from Nief-Norf unveil the highlights of their summer festival. 

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Andy Bliss, Co-Founder and  Artistic/Executive Director of Nief-Norf; as well as the Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Tennessee School of Music, sat down with Ace Edewards to talk about his two upcoming concerts.

Andy Bliss dicusses what is becoming a Knoxville tradition, Phil Kline's Unsilent Night. 

Knoxville has no shortages of great festivals, but this one might be the best kept secret. Todd Steed talks with Nief-Norf founder Andy Bliss and composer Carolyn Chen.

Nief-Norf, an internationally acclaimed contemporary music ensemble based here in Knoxville, will once again present a couple of performances at the Big Ears Festival, which takes place in various venues throughout downtown Knoxville March 22-25.  

Big Ears Preview Podcast

Mar 21, 2017
Todd Steed

Melony, Todd and Garrett explore the plethora of classical and jazz performances coming this weekend. 

Knoxville-based contemporary music ensemble, Nief-Norf, is presenting not one, but four concerts at this year's Big Ears Festival, including the opening concert at the official launch party.  Joined by special guest, percussionist Greg Stuart, the group will perform music by Michael Pisaro, Michael Gordeon, Pauline Oliveros, and Christopher Burns. Nief-Norf will "set the tone" of the festival by opening (at the launch party) with Oliveros' "Single Strike Roll Meditation," which requires the audience and performers to be fully present and in-the-moment.

The Knoxville-based contemporary music ensemble, Nief-Norf, presents three sets at this year's Big Ears Festival.  Each set has a different theme and features music by numerous composers.  Dr. Andrew Bliss, the artistic director of the ensemble and also Director of Percussion at the University of TN talked with Morning Concert host, Melony Dodson, about the music that they are performing and a little bit about the group itself.