Todd Steed

Director of Music, Host, Producer

A Knoxville native, Todd began working at WUOT in 2006 as jazz coordinator. His role has expanded to include operations, heading up the music department, and host of Studio 865/Flipside and Changing Course. Todd got his start in radio at WUTK, where he served as both news and music director while earning his undergraduate degree in journalism at UT. He later earned a master’s degree in education, also at UT.

Prior to working at WUOT, Todd worked overseas in China, Lithuania and Indonesia. Upon returning to the states, he was a study abroad coordinator at UT's Center for International Education.

Todd is obsessed with tea, basil, baseball, all kinds of music and is constantly finding new ways to entertain his hound dog. 

Composer and musician Will Boyd talks with Todd Steed about his latest recording and his move to Johnson City. 

Guitarist Fareed Haque talks with Todd Steed about his upcoming duo performance with Goran Ivanovic. 

More information on the concert and workshop here

Todd Steed

UT College of Architecture and Design's Rana Abudayyeh and Jordan Goldstein, director of design at Gensler's Washington D.C. office, devised a compelling studio for UT students.  They sat down for a discussion on the challenges and rewards of this ambitious project.  

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Musician Petra Haden reflects on the music of her father, legendary bassist and composer Charlie Haden.  Petra hand selects several pieces that connect her to her father and speaks on his lasting influence on her work and life.  We also feature her beautiful recording of one Charlie Haden's best works. 

Eric Dawson sits down with Todd Steed to discuss the upcoming Big Ears production, Suttree's Knoxville. 

Todd Steed

Wayne Mason, Compost Operations Specialist, talks with Todd about unlocking the mysteries of composting and what the future holds for composting on campus. 

Cecilia Wright joins Todd Steed for the latest episode of Flipside to discuss Another Human. 

Paul Abdoo

Joy Harjo talks with Todd Steed about her brilliant new recording, I Pray For My Enemies. 



Todd Steed

Jazz composer and educator Eric Reed talks with Todd Steed about his new recording, the challenges of Mingus, the joy of teaching and what might be coming next. 

Video interview here. 

Todd ventures to rural lands out west in search of live jazz.  Will he find it?  Or will he find something more?

Let's all go to Kenton together and find out. 

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