Andy Bliss

Scott Groller

Kerry O'Brien and Andy Bliss from Nief-Norf unveil the highlights of their summer festival. 

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Andy Bliss, Co-Founder and  Artistic/Executive Director of Nief-Norf; as well as the Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Tennessee School of Music, sat down with Ace Edewards to talk about his two upcoming concerts.

Andy Bliss dicusses what is becoming a Knoxville tradition, Phil Kline's Unsilent Night.

Nief-Norf, an internationally acclaimed contemporary music ensemble based here in Knoxville, will once again present a couple of performances at the Big Ears Festival, which takes place in various venues throughout downtown Knoxville March 22-25.  

The Cacophonous Beauty Of Knoxville's Unsilent Night

Dec 5, 2014

  Since 1992, Holiday revelers in cities around the globe have been taking to the streets each December with boom-boxes and other portable music devices to perform Phil Kline's sparse, nebulous composition "Unsilent Night".