Ben Pounds, Oak Ridger

For many years, workers who blamed health issues on work they did at federal nuclear or chemical facilities had little recourse. That began to change in 2000, when Congress authorized money to pay medical expenses and other costs. But obtaining and filing the required documentation to get that money is laborious, complicated and frustrating.

The American Cancer Society's "How Do You Measure Up?" report measures each of the fifty states in nine areas considered important for cancer treatment and prevention. This year, Tennessee recieved below-average marks.

In this edition of HealthConnections, a look at Tennessee's cancer report card. Advocate and cancer survivor Michael Holtz speaks with Dr. Carole Myers about where Tennessee ranked in categories that range from palliative care to screenings and prevention.

UT Poet Goes National

Sep 10, 2018

PhD student Katie Codon was recently published in The New Yorker.  Katie talks with Todd Steed about the poem and process that made it possible.  She also dicusses her work with Grist and The Only-Tenn-Isee.

Note: For those wanting to submit fiction, poetry or non-fiction to Grist, the next deadline is September 15th. 

ORNL Model House Works On Efficiency

Sep 10, 2018


In an ordinary suburb of Knoxville, tucked away in the rows of houses, there’s a special one that looks completely ordinary on the outside. Inside, it’s radically different.

Chris Blue Comes Home

Sep 7, 2018

He won season 12 of The Voice and then sold out the Tennessee Theatre three nights in a row.  Chris Blue stops by WUOT to talk with Todd Steed about his magical rise, family, chocolate, and his upcoming performance at the Tennessee Valley Fair. 

Video of interview here