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Jacqui Sieber

Jacqui Sieber

All Things Considered Host and Reporter

Jacqui was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA where she obtained her bachelor’s in communications at the University of Pittsburgh in August 2021. She hosted two radio shows back at her college radio station, WPTS, and has produced over 40 podcast episodes for herself, the university, and a variety of organizations along the east coast.

When she isn’t geeking over the physics of sound, you can catch her hiking, making earrings, or talking about baseball. She once was a ballgirl for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which allowed her to do the macarena on live television for no good reason.

Jacqui is eager to learn more about Knoxville and what it offers.

You can email Jacqui at jsieber1@vols.utk.edu.

  • In October of 2022, representatives of the US Environmental Protection Agency visited the city of New Tazewell, Tennessee, to discuss updated information on Ethylene oxide, known as ETO. ETO is used to sterilize medical equipment, food, and various products and is a known carcinogen. The compound is emitted by a sterilization plant in New Tazewell, Tennessee, owned by DeRoyal Industries. WUOT’s Jacqui Sieber has the story.