Todd Steed

Director of Music, Host, Producer

A Knoxville native, Todd began working at WUOT in 2006 as jazz coordinator. His role has expanded to include operations, fill-in host of All Things Considered, and host of Studio 865/Flipside and Changing Course. Todd got his start in radio at WUTK, where he served as music director while earning his undergraduate degree in journalism at UT. He later earned a master’s degree in education, also at UT.

Prior to working at WUOT, Todd worked overseas in China, Lithuania and Indonesia. Upon returning to the states, he was a study abroad coordinator at UT's Center for International Education. He claims he is also a musician. 

The name says it all.  Perhaps not.  Scott Burland and Frank Schultz sit down with Todd Steed to discuss their unique musical partnership and their upcoming Big Ears performances. 

John Tarrant will be in Knoxville as part of the Big Ears Festival.  He sits down to talk with Todd Steed about his work with Zen koans. 

Todd chats with Megan Gilland from Public House on High in Maryville.  They talk East Tennessee, Pittsburgh, and public radio.  Come out tonight to see this place for yourself!

From a recent Last Set at Birdland, Randy's interview with Roscoe Mitchell.  Roscoe Mitchell will be performing at this year's Big Ear Festival.

Big Ears Preview Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

Melony, Garrett and Todd take a quick look at some of their favorite performers coming to this year's Big Ear Festival.