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Improvisations To Go

  • In the season closer, Todd gets off the Jazz Train and heads straight to the fabulous Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival. There he encounters Taber Gable, Jonathan Barber, Bob James, Ebban Dorsey and Christie Dasheill and a WUOT news host! Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Three Bears Coffee Company. Soundtrack music in this episode features Hunter Deacon, Jon Hamar, Matt Richardson and Hunter Deacon.
  • Fresh with a new and gorgeous record, Denin Slage Koch talks to Todd Steed about the songs, the move to Knoxville, and the guitars. Learn more about Denin here.
  • Join Todd for an epic train ride from Denver to San Francisco on the California Zephyr. He loves it, though many are miserable. Find out why as you enjoy the original jazz soundtrack featuring Daniel Kimbro, Hunter Deacon, Bob Deck, Dave Nichols, Dug Meech, Bruno Santos and George Middlebrooks.
  • In this episode, Todd finds out that ping pong and jazz are toally compatible. Also, a side trip to Baltimore with former WUOT host Lee Gardner.
  • WUOT's Chrissy Keuper hosted our June Dialogue, as we got out of lockdown and took the train with Todd Steed. He was our tour guide for his pre-COVID jazz…
  • In the fith episode, Todd ventures to Memphis in search of what makes that city irrestiblle. He talks with Malvin Massey about the mystery of why jazz…
  • In this episode, Todd sends a love letter to trains, tea and good company. How does blues fit into jazz? Why is there an entire episode based in Yazoo…
  • In this episode, Todd gets out there with Byron Asher, Aurora Nealand and more. This is the last New Orleans episode and it ends with a.... bang?
  • In episode two, Todd meets with several local musicians to discuss the impact of hurricane Katrina on the New Orleans jazz scene and finds there are…
  • In episode one, Todd Steed takes a train to New Orleans to explore the very history of jazz. Along the way, he talks to local legends, eats too much…