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Ben Hall

  • What makes someone go above and beyond normal reason just to create something special for the rest of us? In this episode we try and find out as we dig deeper into the Denver music scene and visit with former Improvisations host Ben Hall, bassist and composer Gonzalo Teppa, and Nicole Mattson of Nocturne. Todd scores a perfect meal at The Corner Beet after being advised by The Voice of Wisdom (Melony Dodson) .....and Michael Jordan? Thanks, as always, to Aubrey's!
  • Richard Boukas and Louis Arques sit down for some live music and conversation with Ben Hall.
  • Monday Improvisations host Ben Hall talks to legendary jazz guitarist Eddie Duran on 70 years of jazz, Charlie Parker's favorite snack, and above all, how…
  • L&N STEM Academy student Ben Hall discusses the documentary on Vince Guaraldi that he made made with his friend Kent Smith.