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Chrissy Keuper

News Director, Host, Producer

Chrissy is WUOT's News Director, as well as local All Things Considered host. Her first job with the station was as a weekend student announcer while earning her bachelor's in Anthropology from the University of Tennessee. From 2004 to 2015, she served as the station's local host for Morning Edition. In that role, Chrissy won multiple awards for her reporting and interviewing, as well as hosting WUOT's monthly public affairs series Dialogue.

Chrissy took a break in the autumn of 2015 and wrote for Cityview magazine about East Tennessee military veterans. Bu her heart never left WUOT. She returned in July 2019 as the station's local host for All Things Considered.

Keuper is a native of Johnson City, Tennessee. In her free time, she serves on the boards of the Marble City Opera and Discover Life in America, leads book discussions for Knox County Public Library's "All Over the Page" series, and enjoys the many offerings of a growing Knoxville, specifically the city's art galleries, restaurants, and greenways.

  • Housing is one of the best-researched social drivers of health and select housing interventions have been shown to improve health outcomes and decrease health care costs, particularly for people with low-incomes. Becky Wade, Director of Housing and Neighborhood Development for the City of Knoxville, joins Dr. Carole Myers of the UT College of Nursing.
  • Those living near and visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park can see and experience the pressures of development on the natural world and in the interaction of humans and wildlife. The same is true near the national parks and protected areas of Nepal, in what are called buffer zones. Neelam Poudyal of the University of Tennessee Institute for Agriculture’s Department of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries is a native of Nepal and will research the outcomes of a revenue-sharing program in these buffer zones. He spoke with WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper.
  • Dr. Carole Myers of the UT College of Nursing speaks with Dr. Kristina Kintziger of the UT Department of Public Health about how climate change and weather affect human physical and mental health.
  • Fans of the band Smashing Pumpkins are familiar with Billy Corgan, the songwriter and musician who fronts the band. In 2017, Corgan added a new career to his resume, becoming the owner and president of the National Wrestling Alliance. Corgan recently brought the NWA to Knoxville on a tour. He spoke with WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper about his lifelong love of wrestling and how his career in music prepared him to take on a completely different industry.
  • The Great Smoky Mountains Curling Club will kick off its first Knoxville tournament, the Scruffy City Bonspiel. WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper has a look at the beloved sport of curling and its rising popularity in Knoxville.
  • The Mental Health Association of East Tennessee recently released a report on the state of mental health in Knox County. Dr. Carole Myers of the UT College of Nursing speaks with Ben Harrington, MHAET's CEO, about mental health in Knox County and the rest of East Tennessee.
  • Adam Ragusea is a journalist who got his start in public radio. But in the last few years, he’s turned his focus to cooking, recipes, and food science on YouTube and has become somewhat of an internet sensation. He also happens to live in Knoxville. WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper and WUOT News intern and podcaster Austin Toy spoke with Ragusea about the viability of cooking at home, the authenticity of self-published media, and the importance of being adaptable in the modern media landscape.
  • Libraries are sometimes called “third spaces." A third space is one that provides a level playing field, is accessible, has loose structure, and has a sense of community. As such, libraries are increasingly major players in promoting the health of communities and people. Dr. Carole Myers of the UT College of Nursing speaks with Dr. Steve Smith, UT Dean of Libraries.
  • The University of Tennessee celebrates its first indigenous language class: Cherokee Language and Culture I in the Department of Anthropology. WUOT's Chrissy Keuper spoke with UT Anthropology Professor and Department Head Barbara Heath and with Micah Swimmer, a tribal member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI), who will teach the class.
  • Author Adriana Trigiani was in Knoxville to read from and sign her latest book, The Good Left Undone, at the East Tennessee History Center. Trigiani spoke with WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper about how the COVID-19 pandemic affected her life and her writing and about how it feels to get back to touring and promoting her books, in person.