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HealthConnections: Taking On Racism In Healthcare


This edition of HealthConnnections is different that our usual fare. We’re going to be talking about a polarizing but important topic: the role of racism in American healthcare.

We know this is a galvanizing topic, because people generally don’t like the idea of their actions being considered racist. But Dr. Carole Myers, of the University of Tennessee College of Nursing, says it is time to have this difficult conversation and make positive changes in healthcare.

We have talked before about race as a determining factor in health and healthcare, but Dr. Myers says a different angle is even more revealing and instructive as healthcare professionals think about how they can improve their patients’ lives.

Dr. Myers has written an essay about the role of racism in healthcare that will be published later this year. In this edition of HealthConnections, she gives us a preview and explains why now is the time for conversation and action.

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