The Secret History of Magic

Jul 23, 2018

Jim Steinmeyer has authored several books on magic, paying special attention to the historical accounts of several individual magicians. In The Secret History of Magic he teams up with Peter Lamont to cover the entire history of the art form, from its mysterious beginnings to its modern machinations. In the book, he dispels a number of half-truths and apocryphal tales about magic, and explains a bit about why one of the oldest forms of performance art endures in an age of technological wonder. 

MC Professor Offers Snapshot of Midterms

Jul 20, 2018
Tennessee Secretary of State's office

Election season is in full swing in Tennessee. WUOT's Hannah Martin sat down with Dr. Mark O'Gorman for a discussion about what's at stake in the upcoming primaries. O'Gorman is a political science professor at Maryville College where he also coordinates the environmental studies program. 

Learn more about Dr. Mark O'Gorman here.

At 7:00 p.m. Central Time on August 9, in a booth inside a Middle Tennessee prison, Billy Ray Irick will be injected with a chemical combination that will end his life. As the date draws near, questions and arguments about applying the death penalty to the severely mentally disabled continue.

Professor Joy Radice talks to WUOT intern Thomas Shults about a useful opportunity for UT law students. 

News Explainer: Gaps Exist In Drowning Numbers

Jul 17, 2018

Does it seem like an unusually high number of drownings this year in area lakes? It’s actually hard to tell whether there are more or fewer year-to-year because of the way those deaths are counted, and who does the counting.