Metropolitan Planning Commission

Backers of Recode Knoxville are looking ahead to more public meetings this fall, after a second draft of a proposed ordinance was presented in late July.

Knox County's Community Health Council, now in its fifth year, studies public health patterns, makes recommendations to civic leaders and creates plans to improve the health of the county's residents.

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For years, the Broadway Viaduct has been a gathering place for the homeless. The bridge that carries Interstate 40 above Broadway near downtown Knoxville is close to organizations that work with homeless people, but city officials have discovered the people there don't always want help. The next step for the Broadway Viaduct is a planned day-use area where unsheltered people can spend some time off the streets.

WUOT's Brandon Hollingsworth recently spoke with Michael Dunthorn; he manages homeless programs for the city of Knoxville.

Popularity of Downtown Brings Benefits, Drawbacks

Jul 28, 2018
Technical Report on Downtown Knoxville Housing Market

Urban living is on the rise in downtown Knoxville. The city dedicated $12.8 million to projects in and around the area in 2018, and more than $19 million over the last five years. There are currently 99 residential developments with more than 1,800 units.

The Secret History of Magic

Jul 23, 2018

Jim Steinmeyer has authored several books on magic, paying special attention to the historical accounts of several individual magicians. In The Secret History of Magic he teams up with Peter Lamont to cover the entire history of the art form, from its mysterious beginnings to its modern machinations. In the book, he dispels a number of half-truths and apocryphal tales about magic, and explains a bit about why one of the oldest forms of performance art endures in an age of technological wonder.