Why Is Knoxville a Maker City?

Apr 12, 2019

Knoxville was designated a Maker City by online crafter marketplace Etsy in 2016. In that time, the city has made efforts to congeal "makers" around central themes common to business development efforts. A website, social media campaign, and resource guide have all been launched.

I spoke to several stakeholders in the Maker City movement to get their angle on what it means to be a maker, and what it means to the city itself. Is there an economic impact from these micro-businesses?

Dialogue: Knoxville's Music Scene

Apr 10, 2019

Knoxville has long been a crossroads for musicians. As stages have come and gone, while some endure, the shape of the city's sound has also changed. In this Dialogue we'll talk to some of the city's residents who have helped shape that sound in recent years. 

Popularity of Downtown Brings Benefits, Drawbacks

Jul 28, 2018
Technical Report on Downtown Knoxville Housing Market

Urban living is on the rise in downtown Knoxville. The city dedicated $12.8 million to projects in and around the area in 2018, and more than $19 million over the last five years. There are currently 99 residential developments with more than 1,800 units.

Online State Sales Taxes In Perspective

Jun 29, 2018

The recent Supreme Court ruling on state sales taxes for online retailers effectively reverses an earlier ruling from 1992 and levels the playing field for retailers both inside and outside of states where they sell goods.

How does this impact smaller businesses? While the ruling is new, states have been bracing for its impact already. I spoke to Bill Fox of the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Development at the University of Tennessee for his perspective on the economic effects and implications for businesses.

UT's Integrated Business and Engineering Program

Mar 28, 2018
University of Tennessee

A new program at the University of Tennessee brings undergraduate engineering students together with private industry to teach them how business works, and to foster innovative solutions.

We’ll hear about their work with LocalMotors and what the future of the program may bring as we talk to Mary Brow, the director of the Integrated Business and Engineering Program.