The Method: The River In A Drought; Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Nov 30, 2016

A large display keeps track of rainfall, river levels and other information the TVA uses to determine the condition of the Tennessee river and its major tributaries.
Credit Megan Jamerson, WUOT News

This week’s rain wasn’t enough to reverse the effects of a long drought in the Tennessee River basin. James Everett monitors river levels for the Tennessee Valley Authority. His job is only getting tougher as the drought lingers. WUOT’s Megan Jamerson checks in with Everett to see how TVA is keeping an eye on water levels.

Antibiotic resistance is a serious problem in healthcare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate two million Americans develop infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria every year, leading to illnesses including MRSA, tuberculosis, and strep. A team of researchers is now using the power of the Oak Ridge National Lab’s TITAN supercomputer to find ways to beat bacteria at their own game and curb the problem of antibiotic resistance. Jeremy Smith is part of that team, and he outlines the team's recent findings.