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HealthConnections: Antimicrobial Resistance

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Antimicrobial resistance is considered to be a priority problem in global health and threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an increasing number of infections. Dr. Carole Myers of the University of Tennessee College of Nursing speaks with Dr. David White, Associate Dean for Research with the UT Institute of Agriculture and a veterinary scientist and microbiologist.

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  • The brainchild of University of Tennessee professor Dr. Carole Myers, HealthConnections brings the often-abstract world of health care, coverage and policy to a human level. What is access? How do marketplaces work? What's the future of health insurance? 0000017c-3c2c-d5e7-a57d-7dadf6c50001In this biweekly series, Dr. Myers and WUOT's Chrissy Keuper sort through these issues and more, all to give you a toolbox for understanding what you hear on the news, or to separate fact from fiction in the health care debate.Support for HealthConnections is provided by PYA. PYA underwrites HealthConnections, but the segment’s topics and guests are selected with editorial independence by Dr. Carole Myers and WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper.