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Dialogue: How Climate Change Impacts East Tennessee

When you hear climate change, you might think of sea-level rise or shrinking glaciers. So what impact does climate change have on landlocked Tennessee? In April's episode of Dialogue, we'll take a look at the relationship between human actions and extreme weather and biodiversity in this corner of the world. We'll also talk about what's being done to fight the impacts of climate change in East Tennessee.

WUOT's Claire Heddles will be joined by a panel of experts Wednesday at noon. Submit your questions to wuotnews@utk.edu or @WUOTFM on social media!

Dr. Xingli Giam specializes in conservation ecology, and how global environmental change impacts ecosystems, biodiversity and land use. He has recently been exploring how climate change affects aquatic species in Southern Appalachia.

Isabella Killius is the local coordinator for Sunrise Movement in Knoxville. Sunrise Movement is a youth-led advocacy organization focused on combatting climate change. Locally, the Sunrise Movement advises the Knoxville Mayor's Climate Council and organizes campaigns for environmental justice.

Dr. Kelsey Ellis is a physical geographer specializing in meteorology and climatology. Her research focuses mainly on extreme and hazardous weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme temperatures and precipitation. She studies how humans both impact, and are impacted by, local climates.