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Early Risers: Breaking Silence

Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 1pm on WUOT

Children are like sponges, soaking up the behaviors and biases they see acted out by the adults around them and society at large. In addition, studies show children who are only a few months old are showing racial preferences for people in their lives. As children enter toddler and preschool age, their racial identity is solidifying; they are developing definitions, preferences, and attitudes about race. Before their ideas become bedrocks of their adult belief systems, they need good, well-informed, and compassionate conversations with knowledgeable caregivers that contradict implicit bias, celebrate cultural differences and explore racism in our world. But there are too few caregivers who are prepared to have these conversations with young children. Why?

In Early Risers: Breaking Silence, early childhood experts from around the country talk about the reasons many caregivers are not venturing into conversations about race, racism and cultural diversity and we look at the impact that has on our children, other BIPOC adults, and our early childhood programs. Finally, we explore ways to break down those barriers for the benefit of our children. We will answer the question- what is needed in our early childhood spaces to encourage the vulnerability and exploration caregivers need to enter into these essential conversations with young children?