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Dialogue: Two Sides of COVID-19


The novel coronavirus dubbed COVID-19 has upended our daily lives in ways thought unlikely or impossible just a month ago. Though the virus has affected many parts of our lives, it's had profound effects in two areas: health and economics.

In this edition of Dialogue, we explore how COVID is being studied in the health profession, what it tells us about public health and what more health care providers want to know -- and need to know -- about this new illness.

And we take a look at the major economic ripples generated by COVID's effects on consumer spending, food service, business and travel. Unemployment claims are rising dramatically, and state and local budgets are likely to see cuts as the nation works to weather an unprecedented economic storm.

Our guests are Dr. Roberta Lavin of the University of Tennessee College of Nursing, and Dr. Matt Murray of the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research.