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Dialogue: The Year Ahead in State Government


We're at the dawn of year two for Governor Bill Lee. The political novice elected in November 2018 got an education in the ups and downs of state government in year one, notching victories (a school voucher program, money for career and technical education) and seeing some controveries (the tumultuous vote that secured the voucher program, scandals that forced House Speaker Glen Casada to setp down).

As year two opens, what might Governor Lee and the Tennessee General Assembly expect? There is potential for friction between the governor and the legislature, an election year to manage, a $40 billion state budget to approve, and a legislative agenda yet to be unveiled.

In this edition of Dialogue, we'll get a preview of the issues and people that will shape state government in 2020. Joining host Brandon Hollingsworth is Joel Ebert, state government reporter for the USA Today Network - Tennessee.