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HealthConnections: Questions About the ACA and Medicaid

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In the past year Republicans on Capitol Hill have tried three times to repeal, replace or repair the Affordable Care Act. The issue has largely dropped off the front page, and doesn’t get as much public attention as it did last year. But proposals that would affect the ACA and Medicaid haven’t gone away. State governments are acting on their own. This fall, voters in Nevada and Utah will decide whether to expand Medicaid. And President Trump has called for cutting $1.5 trillion from the program over the next decade.

Dr. Carole Myers, of the University of Tennessee College of Nursing, says there's general agreement that spending on programs such as Medicaid should be better-managed. But there's considerable disagreement over how to do that.

In this edition of HealthConnections, we check in on the present and potential future of Medicaid. Our next installment, on July 17, will take the same look at Medicare.