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Study Claims Gender Pay Gap Increasing In Tenn


A national lobbying organization that advocates for equal pay between men and women claims gender disparity in Tennessee grew deeper during the past year. 

The annual National Partnership for Women & Families study found men in Tennessee make an average full-time salary of $41,828, while women earn $32,398.   The $9430 difference means women earn approximately $.77 for every dollar a man makes, a number consistent with the organization’s national rate.  However, it suggests the pay gap in Tennessee has become wider over the last twelve months.

The April 2013 results showed both genders made less last year, but the gap between them was narrower, with Tennessee women earning $.80 for each dollar earned by a man.

Tennessee’s $.23 gap in the 2014 study places it squarely in the middle of state rankings, with Wyoming having the largest gap ($.36) and the District of Columbia maintaining the smallest ($.10).

The issue of paycheck disparity between the genders has been a hotly-debated topic in Washington, where Democrats are pushing to pass a bill known as the Paycheck Fairness Act.  The bill would make it easier for women to challenge financial inequity in the workplace.  However, Republicans predict it would clog the courts with needless lawsuits and suggest it’s simply an election-year ploy to garner votes for the November election.