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A New Year Means New State Laws


One law going into effect tomorrow is called the “Breast Density Inform Law”. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed it into law last year.

The law requires that any patient whose mammogram shows dense breast tissue be informed that dense tissue could hide small abnormalities and that supplemental screening may be necessary. Last March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added breast density to the list of risk factors for developing breast cancer.

Tennessee is the 8th state to pass a breast density law.

Another health-related law will now require schools and other organizations that have youth athletic programs to adopt policies governing concussion.

New legislation aimed at reining in what’s called “civil asset forfeiture” will also take effect. That’s a practice that allows law enforcement to take cash or property from drivers they pull over, without charging them with a crime.

State Representative Barrett Rich says the law will help innocent drivers receive due process. Individuals will now be able to go before a judge, tell their side of the story and present evidence in support of their claim. If the judge rules in favor of the individuals, the money or property must be returned immediately.