What In The World Is WUOT-2?

Sep 1, 2014

Credit Matt Shafer Powell

If you’ve heard us mention “WUOT-2” on the air before, you might be wondering, “What the heck does that mean?

You’re not alone. And we’d like to help you with this handy Q&A:

Q.     What is WUOT-2?

A.      It’s a digital radio station, based right here in Knoxville and run by the staff of WUOT. It carries a lot of the NPR news/talk programs you’ve been asking for, such as 1-A, Here and Now, and Marketplace, to name just a few.  See a complete listing of WUOT-2 programs here.

Q:     How can I listen to it?

A:     You can listen on an HD Radio receiver (more on that below). Many listeners use the online stream at wuot.org. If you're on the go, you can download WUOT's free mobile app for smartphones and tablets (just search for "WUOT" in your app store). Or tell your smart speaker, "Play WUOT-HD2."

Q.     Can I hear HD radio programs on my old-school radio?

A.      No.  For that, you would need an HD Radio receiver.  That’s a special radio designed to pick up digital radio signals.

Q.     Is an HD Radio a car radio or something I would listen to at home?

A.     You can listen in your car or at home if you have an HD Radio in these places.  There are also portable HD Radios that can go with you anywhere.

Q.     Where can I find an HD Radio?

A.      You can try an electronics retail store, but you’ll want to call first.  Not many brick-and-mortar stores in the Knoxville area carry them.  However, HD Radios are easy to find online by doing a quick Google search (try typing in “HD Radio for sale”).

Q.     How much does an HD Radio cost?

A.      Like most electronics, it depends on the number and types of features you’re looking for.  The less expensive models start around $50.

Q.     Not that I’d want to, but can I listen to other radio stations with an HD Radio?

A.      Yes.  An HD Radio picks up the same stations as a normal radio, including WUOT’s regular signal.

Q.     Are there any other benefits to listening to an HD Radio?

A.      Yes. For those stations broadcasting in HD (like WUOT and WUOT-2), the signal you’ll hear is much cleaner and crisper.

Q.     Do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee to listen to WUOT-2?

A.      Absolutely not.  WUOT-2 is a free service to anyone with an HD Radio, a computer or an iPhone.