Alan Broadbent talks to Todd Steed about his superb new release, New York Notes.

Kelle Jolly and Faith Morris sit down with Todd Steed to talk about the joys of staging the Women In Jazz Jam Festival. 

Schedule here.

Art Ensemble of Chicago sun percussionist Famoudou Don Moye talks to Todd Steed about some of his favorite recordings and his upcoming performance at the Big Ears Festival.

Sammy Miller and the Congreation will peform at the Bijou on the Ides of March, also known as March 15.  Sammy checks in with Todd Steed to talk about the magic of the Bijou and life on the road. 

Hidden away on a warm island, Carla Bley and Steve Swallow check in with Todd Steed about their enthusiasm for returning to Knoxville.  At the end of the interview, Todd makes an impossible promise to secure their happiness. 

Holly Rainey- The Love Kitchen

Lance Owens passed away on February 15th at the age of 95.  He was an inspirational figure in the Knoxville jazz scene.  Below is an interview from 2014. 

The Poetry of Jazz

Feb 6, 2019

Benjamin Boone talks about his latest recording, The Poetry of Jazz, Volume 2.  He also recalls his time at UT with Donald Brown, Jerry Coker and more. 

Philadelphia's legendary jazz host talks to Todd Steed about growing up in Philadelphia and the local jazz scene.  This is part of the 'Jazz on the Road' series on Improvisations. 

Jazz musician Doug Hirlinger discusses his latest project, Dear Philadelphia

Local jazz musician Will Boyd discusses his newest release with Todd Steed on Improvisations