Ashley Capps

Big Ears Festival fans, rejoice! The 2020 initial lineup has been revealed! As in years past, additional artists are sure to be added to the roster along the way, but already, the list of musicians and composers is staggering. Ashley Capps says there are no "headline acts" per se, but there are numerous standouts. Two birthdays will be celebrated: the 75th birthday of Anthony Braxton and the 85th birthday of Terry Riley. Kronos Quartet will return to Big Ears to help with Riley's celebration, while Braxton will present the world premiere of the Thunder Music Ensemble.

It's that time of year again. The time when Big Ears Festival fans worldwide eagerly await to find out what and who their ears will be able to feast upon over a span of four days in late March. It's the Big Ears Festival full lineup reveal.  Although festival organizers have been releasing the names of artists here and there since June of 2018, the entire lineup was not released until November 13th. Judging by years past, however, there are sure to be a few more artists' names released along the way.

It's finally here--the release of the Big Ears Festival's 2018 lineup. Festival attendees will once again be transported to another world, filled with music, film, and art that's refreshing to the ears, the eyes, and the mind. The festival will, once again, take place over the span of four days (March 22-25) in most of the same downtown Knoxville venues as last year's event.  What is different is the focus on jazz and its subgenres, says Big Ears artistic director Ashley Capps.

Well, it's that time of year again. The time that fans of avant garde music from all over the world anxiously await: the reveal of the lineup for Knoxville's Big Ears Festival. Rolling Stones magazine has called Big Ears "America's biggest avant garde party", while The New Yorker writes that: "The sounds are the stars, free of the tyranny of categories."  It's hard to describe this one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates innovation, creativity, and expression through music, film, and art.