Photo by Chrissy Keuper


For the first time, the artworks of Knoxville brothers and painters Beauford and Joseph Delaney are being shown together. WUOT's Chrissy Keuper dropped by the University of Tennessee's Downtown Gallery to see “Beauford and Joseph Delaney: Lives in Art,” on view through February 27th.

Clara Prinston had the opportunity to speak with Nathalie Joachim and Doyle Armbrust of the Spektral Quartet to discuss their recent collaboration. Although they were scheduled to perform at this year's canceled Big Ears Festival, we have to decided share this and several Big Ears interviews.  Enjoy!


Carpetbag Theatre

The Carpetbag Theatre, Knoxville’s black theater ensemble company, is not about to pack it in. In fact, it has outlived many of its contemporaries in the regional and African American theater scene, celebrating its 50th anniversary with a gala earlier this month. 

Perhaps because Carpetbag doesn’t own its own stage space, the nationally-touring company may be better known outside its hometown than within it. But that could change as the group works to open its own theater, gains new leadership, and teaches locals how to tell their own stories in the digital age. 

Alias Grace at the Clarence Brown Theatre

Oct 5, 2018
Clarence Brown Theatre

Alias Grace tells the story of a young woman serving a life sentence for murders she says she doesn't remember committing. WUOT's Hannah Martin spoke with playwright Jennifer Blackmer about the task of bringing the tale to the stage.

Find more information about the performance - including dates and ticket prices - here.

Political Interpretations of Shakespeare

Jun 16, 2017

A recent production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has come under fire with for portraying the Roman emperor as what seems to be Donald Trump. But previous productions of the same play have cast Caesar as Obama, and other presidents.