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Sustaining Members

Would you like an easier way to make a gift to WUOT? Become a Sustaining Member.

It’s an easy, hassle-free way to donate on a monthly basis to support the programming you enjoy on WUOT. In fact, there are several secure ways you can make your monthly donation.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer This is the easiest and most secure way to set up a monthly, recurring donation.
  • Recurring Credit Card Charge We will only charge the authorized amount as specified and will notify you when the card on file reaches its expiration.
  • Payroll Deduction A wonderful, pre-tax benefit for UT employees. Use this link to learn more or simply ask your supervisor. You may also contact Director of Donor Relations Michael Jordan or phone at (865) 974-9558 to have a form sent to you.

The deductions from your bank account, credit card, or payroll check will begin in the month you specify and are a “sustaining member,” meaning that they are ongoing until you ask us in writing to stop the donation or change the amount, which you can do at any time. You are always in complete control of your donation.

What are the benefits?

  • It’s easy on your budget. You spread out your donation over 12 months instead of donating in one lump sum.
  • You never have to renew your pledge or write a check.
  • You don’t need to call in during fund drives. However, if your annual donation qualifies you for a thank-you gift, you can call in during a drive to request it.
  • Your renewal each year means less paper mailings throughout the year.
  • It helps WUOT better financially plan because we can count on your donation, which allows us to reduce fundraising costs so that more of your donation can go toward keeping WUOT on the air.