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The Authors Guild of Tennessee (AGT) celebrates the rich literary tradition of our state through The Authors Page, a production of AGT and WUOT.

The Authors Page is a weekly segment airing on Sunday mornings, hosted by AGT member and award-winning author/artist Jody Sims. Each week, Jody shares the back-story of a famous (or sometimes not-so-well known) author who is from Tennessee, or who has written about Tennessee. Encouraging the development of higher literacy is an important component of AGT’s mission. The Authors Page is just one way AGT is able to enhance the reading experience by getting to know authors more personally, discovering details about their books, and often finding inspiration through their challenges or successes. 

About The Authors Page host Jody Sims

Sims is an award-winning author and artist.  For her, writing and art are healers. Whether she’s painting a portrait, a landscape or an abstract expression, Sims’ distinctive personal style and use of text combine to create a transformative experience. Sims is the author of the book “Soul Provider: Conversations With My Cat,” which showcases 20 paintings of her cat’s face, along with journal entries of her experience through cancer. The book won a Nautilus Book Award in 2014.  

Sims was a student of the late Reed Cardwell at the Art Academy of San Diego. Her art has been exhibited in many local and regional shows on the west coast, east Tennessee, and Virginia.  Sims grew up in a small farming community in western Illinois, and studied fine art at Illinois State University. Sims currently lives in Knoxville, TN with her wife Susanne and their two cats.  

About The Authors Guild of Tennessee

The Authors Guild of Tennessee (AGT) was formed in 2013 to showcase authors who reside in or hail from Tennessee. AGT encourages the development of higher literacy (reading skills) to benefit young and old alike in their careers and personal life. AGT believes the reading experience is greatly enhanced by getting to know authors personally – discovering first-hand details about their books and often finding inspiration through this unique interaction. AGT is committed to developing programs and collaborations to achieve its mission. 

Learn more about The Authors Guild of Tennessee at their website.