Improvisations To Go

Join Todd Steed for a train ride around America in search of live music, the perfect cup of tea, and folks who love to share their local culture. 

Season One features trips to New Orleans and Memphis and offer interviews with Kermit Ruffins, Aurora Nealand, and Nick Spitzer.

Season Two will take us to D.C. and Baltimore via the rather empty night train from Atlanta. Expect museum musing, tea sippings, and a lot of superb music. 

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I-tunes and WUOT Jazz podcast version here

A very special thanks to our sponsor, Aubrey's. 

Todd ventures to rural lands out west in search of live jazz.  Will he find it?  Or will he find something more?

Let's all go to Kenton together and find out. 

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Todd Steed

In this episode, Todd finds out that ping pong and jazz are toally compatible.  Also, a side trip to Baltimore with former WUOT host Lee Gardner. 

Eric Reed Arrives

Sep 23, 2020

Musician and composer Eric Reed has landed in Knoxville and is ready to go.  He sat down with Todd Steed to discuss his new role as teacher.