The Method: SYSTERS and Science in the Age of Distrust

Mar 29, 2017

A group of teenagers called "Little Systers" learn about STEM careers at a recent University of Tennessee event.

On a recent Saturday morning, girls from high schools across East Tennessee gathered at the University of Tennessee. They were there to learn about careers in electrical engineering and computer science, fields that are historically male-dominated. The event was the brainchild of SYSTERS, a group of female STEM students at UT. Some of the girls that participated say they're now leaning toward careers in engineering and related fields. WUOT's Megan Jamerson has the story.

In an age in which the press has been described as an "enemy of the state," are science reporters facing the same hostility as political journalists? In the second half of the show, Method host Brandon Hollingsworth speaks with Washington Post science writer Joel Achenbach. He will talk about science journalism and media literacy at the University of Tennessee's annual Hill Lecture on April 4.