Dialogue: World War II on Screen

Nov 5, 2019

No, it's not Omaha Beach. It's a recreation, set up for the filming of the 1962 movie "The Longest Day."
Credit Twentieth Century Fox, via Encyclopedia Britannica

The Second World War has been fought many tims over, on the silver screen and on television. One count puts the number of World War II films at 1,300. They have been produced by every major country involved in the conflict. And they cover many genres, from action to romance, docudrama to satire, filmmakers have used the war as a vehicle for all kinds of stories, some more successfully than others.

As we mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day (June 6), the beginning of the liberation of the Philippines (October 20) and the Battle of the Bulge (December and January), we thought it would be a good time to examine films and television shows about World War II.

Seth Paridon and Steven Jay Rubin will join host Brandon Hollingsworth for a discussion about portrayals of the war and what they reflect about filmmakers and audiences. Paridon is a historian with the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, and host of the podcast Service on Celluloid. Rubin is the author of Combat Films: American Realism, 1945-2010.