Dialogue: Interpreting the Constitution

Aug 7, 2019

Credit National Center for Constitutional Studies

People believe all kinds of things about the Constitution and the rights it offers. And they say so - online, on the editorial page and on cable TV. But even the nation’s top legal and judicial minds don’t agree on what the Constitution means. Many times, the document itself is vague, creating even more confusion. As Americans try to sort out 21st century disputes using an 18th century text, what do you need to know to be better informed about the Constitution?

That’s what we offer today on Dialogue. Constitutional scholar Stewart Harris joins us for a look underneath the hood of this venerable vehicle of law and government. Harris teaches constitutional law at Lincoln Memorial University's Duncan School of Law. He is also the creator and host of Your Weekly Constitutional, which airs Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. on WUOT-2.


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