Dialogue: Country Music's History in Knoxville and East Tennessee

Sep 4, 2019

Credit Image and Design by George Middlebrooks

On a special edition of Dialogue, we discuss the fate of Knoxville's country music scene in the 20th century. One old adage is that country music was born in Bristol, raised in Knoxville, and then it went somewhere else to evolve or die or sell out, depending on who's talking...

But how and why did such a vibrant and popular country music scene leave our city?

WUOT's Chrissy Keuper discusses the history of country music in Knoxville and East Tennessee with WUOT co-host Todd Steed, singer-songwriter Trisha Gene Brady, Knoxville History Project Director Jack Neely, and Ernie Freeberg, chair of the University of Tennessee's Department of History.