S. Heather Duncan


S. Heather Duncan has been a reporting on the environment, local government, business and education for 20 years, mostly for newspapers. Her work had won dozens of state and several national awards, and she was part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team that covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for the Biloxi Sun Herald.

East Tennessee businesses are still adjusting to steel and aluminum tariffs – even as the Trump Administration gears up to tax more foreign imports.

Many local companies say the 25 percent tax on imported steel has driven up their own costs by 7 to 15 percent. But so far, those pressures have been offset by the thriving economy. Sometimes, the tariffs have even provided new opportunities.

Heather Duncan

On a damp, cool morning at the Chimneys Picnic Area, cars bump along the crumbling pavement next to a rushing stream. Foreboding weather or not, visitors are eager to gaze at the riot of violets and yellow trillium that lines the Cove Hardwood Trail. In fact, the trail so popular that the parking lot is falling apart – and Great Smoky Mountains National Park lacks the money to fix it.

Tennessee Secretary of State's office

When women swept half the seats on Knoxville's City Council last fall, they found themselves at the leading edge of a national trend: Across the country, women are running for office in record numbers. The majority are Democratic women spurred to action by the election of Donald Trump and energized by the #metoo movement, which spotlighted sexual assault and harassment.