Brandon Hollingsworth

News Director

Brandon is WUOT’s news director. In that role, he oversees the station's daily news operations. He also hosts Dialogue, produces the biweekly series HealthConnections and serves as local host for All Things Considered. From 2008 to 2010, he hosted Morning Edition on Alabama Public Radio. For two years before that he served as an APR bureau correspondent and Morning Edition anchor at WLJS-FM in Jacksonville, Ala.

Brandon's work has been heard nationally on the flagship NPR newsmagazines Morning Edition and All Things Considered, as well as the network's newscast service. He has contributed to NPR's midday newsmagazine, Here and Now, and his work has aired on West Virginia Public Broadcasting's Inside Appalachia.

Brandon is a 2008 graduate of Jacksonville State University, and holds a B.A. in communications. He is a native of St. Clair County, Alabama.

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Harm reduction is billed as a social approach to substance use. Created by people who have lived through addiction, harm reduction doesn't always have a firm, pre-ordained goal, such as sobriety. It employs a more nuanced approach that embraces smaller steps, such as using clean needles for drug injections or reducing frequency of drug use. It seeks to reduce the stigma many drug users encounter and help them better manage their health.

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The Second World War has been fought many tims over, on the silver screen and on television. One count puts the number of World War II films at 1,300. They have been produced by every major country involved in the conflict. And they cover many genres, from action to romance, docudrama to satire, filmmakers have used the war as a vehicle for all kinds of stories, some more successfully than others.

A pioneering study carried out in 1998 demonstrated that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can contribute to mental and physical problems not just in childhood, but well into adulthood. Subsequent studies have reinforced those findings. It's estimated 60 percent of American adults have been affected by ACEs, and those effects can include obesity, heart disease, alcoholism and drug use.

For more than two centuries, people have come to the University of Tennessee to learn. Now, increasingly the university is reaching out, beyond campus and into the community. In this edition of HealthConnections, Dr. Carole Myers speaks with UT's Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, Dr. Javiette Samuel, about the partnerships the university had formed to investigate and solve issues that involve health and well-being. On October 29, Dr.

Jeff Taylor, WUOT

On Tuesday, October 15, WUOT-FM and Compass Knox co-sponsored a forum featuring Knoxville mayoral candidates Indya Kincannon and Eddie Mannis. The forum was the third and final scheduled joint appearance of the candidates ahead of November's general election. It was held at The Change Center, east of downtown.

Wednesday evening, October 9, a coalition of Knoxville community groups will ask mayoral candidates Eddie Mannis and Indya Kincannon to support efforts to improve life in low-income neighborhoods. WUOT’s Brandon Hollingsworth recently spoke with two of the forum’s organizers, LaKenya Middlebrook of the NAACP, and Rick Held of Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development. Held told Hollingsworth the forum is the result of some surprising findings about Knoxville’s low-income residents.

The Affordable Care Act turns ten years old next spring. The debate over what comes next, and therefore the near-term future of health care and coverage in America, is in high gear. Democratic presidential candidates disagree on the way forward, with suggestions ranging from a public option to an eliminating private insurers.

Oliver Springs native Levi Kreis has been on many stages in some high-profile places, from New York to L.A. For the past month, he’s been back home, portraying Sun Studios impresario Sam Phillips in the Clarence Brown Theatre production of Million Dollar Quartet. On September 22 and 23, Kreis takes the stage alone to share stories and songs in a cabaret performance called “Broadway at the Keys.”

Kreis spoke recently with WUOT's Brandon Hollingsworth. They talked about the upcoming solo performance, and how Kreis got involved with Million Dollar Quartet.

Knox County helps local health care providers absorb the costs of treating 1,100 of the county's poorest residents. The indigent care program was adopted about three decades ago. The program's budget reached a high-water mark in 2007 and has been pared back since. This spring, Knox County's health department asked for a funding boost (to $4.5 million - a $200,000 increase). County mayor Glenn Jacobs had different plans.

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On a Tuesday afternoon in early December 1956, Carl Perkins stopped by Sun Studios in Memphis. The singer-songwriter was there to record what he hoped would be his next hit single. Studio owner Sam Phillips brought in a ringer to play piano in that session – a nineteen-year-old named Jerry Lee Lewis. Before the afternoon was done, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley also dropped in. And in a moment of tremendous foresight, someone thought to switch on the studio’s recorders.