Music honoring and celebrating fallen heros; that was intent behind Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. (Other than creating magnificent music, that is). This Sunday afternoon at 4pm, the UT Symphony Orchestra (UTSO) tackles this epic work, under the leadership of Maestro James Fellenbaum. Performing just a few weeks after classes have begun, this talented group of young, hard-working musicians are showing us that exciting things are in store for the UTSO.

There is a new professional choral ensemble in town and they are presenting their first concert this weekend! Symphony of Voices will perform at First United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Sunday, September 23rd at 2:30pm. The group consists of twelve professional singers who work in the Knoxville area as choral directors, teachers, and performers.

Acclaimed pianist Joyce Yang and conductor Aram Demerjian dicuss the magic of 'Rach2' and how they prepare for performances. 

UT's DiPietro Plans for Retirement

Sep 17, 2018
Sam Thomas, University of Tennessee

Saying the time was right for a change, University of Tennessee system president Joe DiPietro announced his retirement Monday.

The retirement, which takes effect the day before Thanksgiving, was widely expected. DiPietro sold his Knoxville home this summer, and planned not to extend his contract past its June 2019 end date.

Blount County Schools' 1Read Program

Sep 17, 2018
Blount County Schools

Blount County's 1Read program is bringing students together one book at a time.

Middle school students across the county read Refugee by Alan Gratz, the story of three different children seeking refuge. WUOT's Hannah Martin spoke with literacy coach Terri Bradshaw about the initiative. She says that students learned that there's more that brings us together than divides us. 

Find photos of author Alan Gratz's visits with students here