In little more than a year, CBD-related products went from virtual obscurity to mainstream offerings at pharmacies, convenience stores and dispensaries. The produucts on the shelves range from liquid shots for your morning cuppa, to ointments, to shampoos and conditioners. And they promise relief from a host of medical issues, from inflammation and anxiety to more serious conditions, such as epilepsy.

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Dr. Vasudha Narayanan, Distinguished Professor of Religion at the University of Florida, is giving the 2021 Anjali Lecture in Hindu Studies (virtually) at the University of Tennessee. She spoke with WUOT's Chrissy Keuper about the beginnings of Hinduism in the United States. 

Theatre performances have moved to an online stage over the last year and the Tennessee Stage Company is embracing the challenge. Its annual New Play Festival is fully virtual this year. Associate Director Caitlin Corbitt and Literary Manager Harrison Young spoke with WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper about the evolution of theatre performed for a virtual audience.

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Knox County Health Department has begun vaccinating about five hundred people a day at a former Food City building in Knoxville. County health director Dr. Martha Buchanan said the plan is to administer 1,500 vaccines a day by next month. She said it takes about seven minutes from when someone arrives at the vaccination site to receive a shot and be moved to a post-vaccination waiting area.

Knoxville Poet Laureate Rhea Carmon spoke with WUOT's Chrissy Keuper about becoming a poet and what brought her to Knoxville. 

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The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Merchant & Gould Concertmaster Series resumes Wednesday, March 10th, with a performnace featuring music of Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Alexandra Bryant. Concertmaster William Shaub will be joined by members of the symphony to perform a "program of firsts and new beginnings", including Mozart's String Quartet No.1 in G Major, K.80, Mendelssohn's Octet in E-flat Major Op. 20, and Alexandra Bryant's "Petrichor" for solo violin, which was commissioned by Robin Smith for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra's new 1X1 series.

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Sitting in front of Knox County’s Park and Recreation building in Lakeshore Park, birds are chirping, people are walking and kids are playing soccer. What is now a bustling park was once home to the state-run Lakeshore Mental Health Institute, shut down in 2012 in an attempt to decentralize care into the community.

Nearly a decade later, some advocates say there are still major gaps in care. There were almost 200 inpatient, psychiatric beds in Knox County in 2010. Now, there are less than 40.

Marble City Opera (MCO) will present the world premiere performance of American composer, Frank Pesci's one-act opera, "Royal Flush". This comedic opera features an all-female cast (with a brief cameo by MCO music director and pianist, Brandon Coffer). Four sisters play a game of poker; the dealer is their mother, who is able to "read" each daughter's "tell" (which is conveyed through each character's aria) and in turn, wins the game.

This edition of HealthConnnections is different that our usual fare. We’re going to be talking about a polarizing but important topic: the role of racism in American healthcare.

We know this is a galvanizing topic, because people generally don’t like the idea of their actions being considered racist. But Dr. Carole Myers, of the University of Tennessee College of Nursing, says it is time to have this difficult conversation and make positive changes in healthcare.

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Will Liverman's voice has been praised for its rich tone with a silken sheen and the unique combination of eloquence and unpretentiousness.