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The Tooweka Driveway Parties

Photo by Linda Williams

For more than a year, COVID-19 and social distancing rules have kept friends and families apart. But in one Loudon County neighborhood, weekly driveway parties have become a unique way for neighbors to stay connected. WUOT News Contributor Leslie Snow went to visit. 

Photo, right to left:

Larry Werling; Nancy Werling; Janet Kincaid; Johnny Kincaid; Jim Walsh; Tom Pace; Charlie Flowers; Rich Vinnece; Nancy Flowers; Nancy Hutchins Vinnece; Sue Dollear; Mike Dollear; Linda Williams; Norm Williams; Ernie Peas; Kay Peas; Arlene Maresca; George Maresca; Gail Hardy; Bob Hardy; Rick Williams; Marsha Young 

Not Pictured:

Sue Hummel - Pace; Jo Neustel; Peggy Lethen; Steve and Sue Bolton; Lynette McCoy; Steve and Dianna Rieth; Marv Hennen; Mascot, Oliver Hardy, AKA Ollie!