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Marble City Opera Presents The World Premiere Of Frank Pesci's "Royal Flush"


Marble City Opera (MCO) will present the world premiere performance of American composer, Frank Pesci's one-act opera, "Royal Flush". This comedic opera features an all-female cast (with a brief cameo by MCO music director and pianist, Brandon Coffer). Four sisters play a game of poker; the dealer is their mother, who is able to "read" each daughter's "tell" (which is conveyed through each character's aria) and in turn, wins the game.

This socially-distanced in-person performance will be given at the World's Fair Park Amphitheatre on March 11, 12, and 13 at 7:30pm, with a 2:30pm matinee performance also available on Saturday, March 13th. Hand warmers will be provided to patrons and propane heaters will be located throughout the outdoor seating area. An online viewing option is also available. Masks are required. Tickets and information are available at http://marblecityopera.com