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Spirit Guide: The Chady Homestead Pandemic Response

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As the world struggles with the pandemic coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, Tennesseans are sharing their anxieties and their methods for finding calm amidst the fear with WUOT’s Chrissy Keuper.

Tennessee schools have closed until late April and many businesses have begun work from home protocols for their employees. Markus Chady is an architect and he’s worked from home before, but his wife, Erin, is a high school teacher and their two sons are in fourth and sixth grades. They are all home together this week. Amidst community efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 by closing schools, avoiding groups, and staying home, Markus and Erin devised the Chady Homestead Pandemic Response to help bring order to an uncertain time. 


Chrissy served as WUOT's News Director and host of monthly public affairs talk show Dialogue from late 2021 to early 2023. Her first job with the station was as weekend student announcer while earning her bachelor's in Anthropology from the University of Tennessee. She had previously been the station's local host for NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered news programs; occasionally filled in as host for WUOT's Morning and Afternoon Concerts; and won multiple awards for her interviews, feature stories, and Dialogue.