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Dialogue: Suicide In Tennessee

This year Farragut High School saw three students take their own lives, putting a spotlight on mental health and suicide prevention in the area. What’s being done and what can be done? While some parents say the school system was slow to act, others point out there’s a larger crisis looming – and recent figures showed suicides hit a record high in Tennessee. In fact, the suicide rate in Tennessee has been rising for years.

Health professionals agree there aren't enough resources to study the problem of suicide and slow that growth curve. In this episode of Dialogue our panelists are Bruce Marshall, Executive Director of Contact Care Line, Caitlin Clevenger, M.S., a clinical psychology doctoral student, Leticia Flores, PhD, Director of UT Psychological Clinic, and Keith Schultz, father of Spencer Schulz a student at Farragut High School who took his own life in 2017.