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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the Most Common and Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

Q: I contributed to WUOT during an on-air campaign and selected a thank-you gift, but haven't received it yet.

A: Thank-you gifts are sent to donors after we receive 10% of the qualifying level of the gift. For example, if $100 is the qualifying amount for a CD, then we need to receive a minimum amount of $10 before mailing the CD. We’re sorry for any inconvenience; this better helps us manage costs and efficiently use your donations. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery from the date we receive the minimum qualifying amount.

Q: Was my payment received?

A: After your payment has been received and processed, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. During an on-air pledge drive, check payments and credit card transactions are processed every day, Monday through Saturday. Pledge reminders are printed shortly after the on-air pledge drive concludes.

When there is not an on-air pledge drive going on, check payments are processed every day, Monday through Friday, and credit card payments are processed at the end of every month. Pledge reminders and renewal notices are sent once a month.

Q: During the on-air pledge drive I gave my credit card number. Why am I receiving a pledge reminder bill?

A: The only reason you should receive a pledge reminder after paying with a credit card is if there was some sort of error in processing. If WUOT was unable to receive an authorization code when processing your contribution, your member account will change to reflect payment via check, and not by credit card. Some of the reasons why this might occur include the following:
    • Credit card number could have been transposed when written down.
    • Wrong expiration date.
    • Authorization was declined.

Q: How can I change my membership information?

A: You can update your personal information by contacting call Michael Jordan at 865-974-9558 or email him at mjorda42@utk.edu.

Q: I recently made a contribution to WUOT, yet I have received a renewal notice indicating that my membership has expired. How can I be sure that my last gift was received and that it was credited as my membership renewal?

A: If you made your gift within the week before you received the renewal notice, it is likely that your gift and our letter simply crossed in the mail. You should not receive a renewal notice the next month.

Many of WUOT's supporters choose to make contributions throughout the year, above and beyond their annual membership gifts. If you make a gift during your membership year, your contribution may be interpreted by our database as an additional gift and not as your annual renewal. If there was a miscommunication and you intended this gift to be your membership renewal, please call Michael Jordan at 865-974-9558 or email him at mjorda42@utk.edu. We can easily change the renewal date of your membership to reflect the date of your most recent gift.

Q: I'm interested in making my membership contribution in manageable, monthly payments rather than in one lump sum. Can I do this?

A: Giving a specified amount each month via automatic bank draft or via credit card is an easy way to give to WUOT. All you have to do is fill out our authorization form, indicate your pledge amount, and send it back to us with a voided check or send us your credit card account information. We will then activate a monthly draft of your account, which will continue until you ask us to stop it. To request the appropriate forms, call Michael Jordan at 865-974-9558 or email him at mjorda42@utk.edu
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