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Benefits of Membership

When you donate to WUOT, you’re making it possible for this public radio station to continue to broadcast and stream the programs you care about. You’re there for us so that we can be there for you.

For some donors, knowing their contribution ensures that they will continue to hear their favorite programs is benefit enough. But WUOT offers additional “perks” to thank our members for providing one-third of our annual operating budget and making it possible for us to serve you.

WUOT Window Cling
Every new member receives a WUOT window cling. This static-cling decal is easily applied and just as easily removed—it won’t leave a mark. Whether you put it in your car window or somewhere else, everyone who sees it will know you support WUOT. If you need a new window cling or would like more than one, please email Michael Jordan or call 865-974-9558.

CD Drawing
When you donate* to WUOT, you are automatically entered in the CD drawing for every month your membership is current. Memberships are valid for 12 months unless you are a Sustainer Club Member, in which case your membership is always active. The winner is chosen at random. We’ll select a CD and mail it to the winner using the address on file, and announce the winners (first name, last initial and city/state) in our monthly electronic newsletter, and in E-Notes.

Thank-You Gifts
WUOT offers thank-you gifts at various donation levels during our on-air fund drives. These gifts are available for several months after the drive so that donors have the opportunity to select one if they happen to miss the on-air drive. When thank-you gifts are offered, you’ll find them on the Donate Now page, or you can email Michael Jordan or call 865-974-9558 to ask about availability.

If you have any questions about membership, please email Director of Donor Relations Michael Jordan or call 865-974-9558.

* You do not need to make a donation to enter this drawing. To enter without making  a gift to the station, email your name and address to Michael Jordan or mail the information to WUOT, 209 Communications Bldg., Knoxville, TN 37996-0322. You must re-enter each month to be included in the next month’s drawing.