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NBA suspends Tristan Thompson after he tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs

Tristan Thompson, #12 of the Cleveland Cavaliers, reacts against the Chicago Bulls on Dec. 23, in Chicago.
Michael Reaves
Getty Images
Tristan Thompson, #12 of the Cleveland Cavaliers, reacts against the Chicago Bulls on Dec. 23, in Chicago.

Cleveland Cavaliers center-forward Tristan Thompson has been suspended without pay from the NBA for 25 games after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, the league announced Tuesday.

Thompson violated the NBA and the Players' Association's anti-drug policy by testing positive for ibutamoren, which stimulates human growth hormone (HGH), and SARM-LGD-4033, a chemical that acts as testosterone.

Thompson's suspension begins Wednesday as the Cavaliers play the Milwaukee Bucks, the league said.

"The Cleveland Cavaliers fully support the NBA/NBAPA Anti-Drug Program, and we are disappointed in the recent news surrounding Tristan Thompson," the team said. "His time away from game action will have an impact on our team. We stand behind Tristan and offer our support throughout this suspension period."

Per the NBA Players' Association's collective bargaining agreement with the league, players are subjected to random urine tests a maximum of four times during the season and twice in the offseason. (Urine tests during the offseason only test for diuretics and SPEDs, or steroids, performance-enhancing drugs and masking agents.)

Additionally, players can be randomly blood tested for HGH no more than twice during the season and once in the offseason. Organizations also test if they have "reasonable cause" to believe a player has violated the policy.

Players who violate the SPED policy get a 25-game suspension for the first offense, 55-game suspension for the second offense and dismissal from the league on the third offense.

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Ayana Archie
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