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HealthConnections: The CBD Explosion


In little more than a year, CBD-related products went from virtual obscurity to mainstream offerings at pharmacies, convenience stores and dispensaries. The produucts on the shelves range from liquid shots for your morning cuppa, to ointments, to shampoos and conditioners. And they promise relief from a host of medical issues, from inflammation and anxiety to more serious conditions, such as epilepsy.

The proliferation of CBD products came in late 2018, when federal drug laws related to CBD were relaxed. But studies of the purported benefits of those products are in their infancy. Medical science hasn't yet fully evaluted the claims, and CBD is not firmly regulated to ensure product safety and benefits to consumers.

In this edition of HealthConnections, Dr. Carole Myers explains what we know about CBD, and what more medical professionals would like to know about the substance and its effects on people.